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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Scott Michael Smith who was born in New Jersey on August 29, 1970 and passed away on October 04, 1997 at the age of 27. Scott was born a beautiful blond-haired boy 8 lbs 12 oz. I was so happy to have him by my side. He was a happy, smiling child from the day he was born. He loved life. Scott always loved to give and get hugs. He was a very loving, gentle person. He was very kind, generous, and considerate too. He left behind his Mother, Brother, Step-Father, Cousins, and his good friends. This was a very tragic loss to all of us; a loss that will live inside until the day we die.

A son, brother, and friend with a heart of gold. A very unselfish human being who always put everyone else first. He represented all of these qualities which few people possess. He is an angel now no more to be on earth, but in heaven with God and his angels.

We will never forget you Scott. You will always be in our heart and prayers. There is not one day that goes by that we wish you were here.

My Shining Star My Angel Scottie

A shining star you were with so many accomplishments and so much more to do.
Time to go my son to a place we all wonder about, your time on earth done.
Now you are with the angels in a place called heaven.
I will ever so much miss your hugs, smiles, and laughter.
My heart still broken and the tears still flowing.
I honor you for being my son, a brother, and a friend.
I honor you for changing a lot of things in your life.
I wish you were here so I could tell you how much I love you and how much you meant to me.
Your brother misses you so much, but he remains strong and is carrying out his life just the way you had hoped.
Well goodbye my dearest angel Scott, but not for long.
Soon we will meet again and just remember we so very much miss and love you.
Love always and forever Mom, Dad, and Derek

Tributes and Condolences
Happy 39th Birthday Son - August 29, 2009   / Mom, Dad, Derek (Mom, Dad, Brother )
Dearest Scott,Today, your 39th birthday we miss you so much.  We wish you were here to celebrate your birthday, but we can only celebrate in a memory of you.  We love you so much.Love for always and always,Mom, Derek, and Dad
My Mom Is A Survivor   / Celeste (Friend)
This poem was sent to me from my friend Celeste My mom is a survivor or so I've heard it said but I can hear her crying at night when all others are in bed I watch her lay awake at night and go to hold her hand she doesn't know I'm with her to help ...  Continue >>
Brotherly Love   / Derek Smith (His little Brother )
Brotherly Love “How was school today Derek” I heard behind a wall of music from my room , as I entered the house. “Fine, I’m a little tired” I replied as the music suddenly disappeared. I put my school bag down with a th...  Continue >>
What I Would Do!!!!!!!!!   / Linda Howell (Mother)
WHAT I WOULD DO IF I HAD MY SON BACK AGAINI would smother him with kisses and hug him and never let go. I would talk to him until we both feel asleep. I would cook him any kind of dinner he would ask for.I would buy him new clothes.I would convi...  Continue >>
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me   / Linda Howell (Mother)
"When Tomorrow Starts Without Me"   When tomorrow starts without meand I'm not there to seeIf the sun should rise and find your eyesall filled with tears for me.I'll wish so much you wouldn't crythe way you do this dayWhile thinkin...  Continue >>
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